Afrinvest Asset Management Limited Launches Affordable Investment Option for Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria, Monday, 20 November 2017 – Afrinvest Asset Management Ltd – a subsidiary of Afrinvest (West Africa) Ltd – has launched the Afrinvest Plutus Fund; a simple and affordable saving solution designed for all classes of income earners with a minimum subscription of N5,000.


The Afrinvest Plutus Fund is an open-ended money market unit trust scheme approved by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) with a primary goal to achieve overall positive total returns for investors who value stability, liquidity, real returns, and security of their financial assets, in line with unitholders’ investment goals. The Fund is, therefore, offering N10,000,000 units at N100 per unit from 20 November to 18 December 2017.


In speaking to the primary objective of the Fund, Ola Belgore, Managing Director, Afrinvest Asset Management Limited said, “The Afrinvest Plutus Fund has been carefully designed to meet the needs of majority of the Nigerian population to preserve capital, develop a profitable savings culture; and provide a comfortable nest egg for themselves and their families in the simplest and safest way possible. We have, therefore, introduced this low-risk investment solution that is easily accessible to the people who need it the most, with competitive income and quarterly dividend payments.”


The Afrinvest Plutus Fund offers investors access to a diversified portfolio of quality, low-risk money market securities including short-term government securities, certificates of deposits and commercial papers, amongst others. Furthermore, the Fund provides the flexibility of investing on behalf of someone else and for business ventures, provided the necessary documentation is supplied.


Belgore also said of the Fund, “At Afrinvest, our clients’ needs are our foremost priority. In presenting this Fund to the public we are working to correct the notion that investing in securities is complicated and is the preserve of the elite. Rather, we want Nigerians to understand and attain the true financial freedom that comes from proper financial planning and smart investment decisions. Of course, we have also considered the need to ensure the security of the funds, and have partnered with Meristem Trustees Ltd and UBA Plc (Global Investor Services Division) as Trustee and Custodian, respectively.”


For more information on the Afrinvest Plutus Fund, click here.


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